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Ryan Straub, the Broker/Owner of Neighborhood Real Estate has deep roots in the Riverwards and Philadelphia in general. Born in Philly in 1978, Ryan was ambitious and business minded from the start. After studying business at Temple, Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 2003. Right out of Temple, he pursued a career in Real Estate in 2004, starting his own career in the building that houses Neighborhood Real Estate today. Ryan’s passion for Real Estate and helping his clients lead him to obtaining his Associate Brokers License in 2007. Being a father has been the greatest joy and biggest motivator in his life, and as a Single Father Ryan received full custody of his Daughter in 2013 and shortly there-after relocated to the Northeast. In July 2015, Ryan’s dream of opening a brokerage to help the people of the Riverwards was achieved, and Neighborhood Real Estate was formed in the very location Ryan started his career. Since its start, NRE has achieved great success and continues to grow; Ryan received his Brokers license in New Jersey in June 2017 and is now currently expanding the business across the bridge. When he’s not in the office, Ryan enjoys spending time with his Daughter, going to concerts, traveling, and trips to the shore.


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